REIKI Workshops

Reiki I Certification 

Sat & Sun – May 20 & 21    

10 am – 5 pm


Level I certificate – attunements and complete training in giving full Reiki treatments.

Great with family, friends, clients, pets and plants!


Reiki II Training

TBA –   $150.00

Level II certificate, attunement, training and symbols with emphasis in emotional and mental and distance work.

  •  Reiki III-A Practitioner Training

  • TBA   –   $200.00

  • Master attunement – This level focuses on increased personal abilities and skills.  I will also include, Reiki Training with meridians and acupressure points and some work with crystals.

Handouts and certificates will be included.  Level III certificate, attunement,   training and symbols with emphasis in emotional and mental and distance work.

  Reiki III-B Teacher Training – TBA– $300.00

 Prerequisite – Reiki I, II and III-A

For information or to reserve your space,

Call 607-785-2180 or Email to colleenkiley@stny.rr.com

Reiki is a gentle, hands on healing art of Japanese origin.

Reiki balances body, mind and spirit, relieving stress and promoting harmony

Reiki is a tremendous doorway to personal transformation and change.

Reiki is a gentle, light touch, hands on therapy which leads to the relaxation response in people and animals and promotes general wellness.

Reiki is appropriate for people, pets and plants.

  Colleen has been a Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher for over 20 years and incorporates her work as an RN, LMT, Shamanic Counselor and Reiki Practitioner.


SHAMANIC Workshops


 Introduction to Shamanic Drumming and Journey

Saturday, Sept. 9

10 am – 4 pm   –   $50

Master Shamanism Class

Saturday, October 21

10 am – 4 pm   –   $50

Prerequisites Apply


Call 785-2180 for more information


Monthly Drumming Circle –

7 pm – First Thursday of the month:   

Apr. 6, May 4, June 1, July 6, Aug. 3,

Sept. 7, Oct. 5, Nov. 2,

Dec. 7 – Power dance & Celebration 

Drumming circles involve the use of one-sided hoop drums, and may include healing circles, sound ceremonies, journey work, fire ceremonies, special empowerment ceremonies

Open through invitation

Call 607-785-2180 if you are interested in joining our ongoing monthly circle!



Private training and Shamanic Journey methods available through private appointments


Private and Small Group Shamanic Counseling and Healing Sessions Available

Colleen Kiley – Classes and sessions are in Vestal, NY

 Phone 607-785-2180       

email: colleenkiley@stny.rr.com 

Website: ww.colleenkiley.com


One-Year Apprenticeship Program

Transform your life through ancient cross-cultural methods of spiritual healing.

 The last one-year Shamanic Apprenticeship Program completed in May, 2015.

There is currently no one-year Shamanic Apprenticeship Program scheduled.  If you are interested in more information, or in participating, contact Colleen Kiley at 607-785-2180607-785-2180 or send email to colleenkiley@stny.rr.com

The Shamanic Apprenticeship Program is being offered to individuals who have been introduced to the process of shamanic journey and are interested in deepening their connection to Spirit.  Participation in the Introduction to Shamanic Journey Work and Healing Methods is required

Format: Workshops approximately one Saturday per month (occasional Sat. & Sun. or Sat. evening)

Monthly drumming circle and participation in advanced drumming circles.

Healing Harmonics issues a certificate of completion although true initiation can only be given by Spirit.

Colleen Kiley, Director

Colleen Kiley is a Shamanic practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher operating a private healing and teaching practice in Vestal, New York.  Colleen has studied with Michael Harner, Ph.D., founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Sandra Ingerman, author of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self.

Colleen Kiley has completed the Foundation’s Three-Year Program in Advanced Shamanism and Shamanistic Healing.  She has also studied with shamans in Northern China, Inner Mongolia and Central Asia and North America.  Colleen is a minister of the Circle of the Sacred Earth.