Shamanic Healing

Healing Harmonics seeks to re-integrate Shamanic healing methods into contemporary society.  Shamanic healing co-exists with conventional health care, and does not seek to take the place of other healing systems.

It is possible for individuals to practice shamanic spiritual methods and incorporate them into their personal spiritual practice without actually becoming shamans.  By learning shamanic journey, for instance, once can access guardian or helping spirits for guidance and support in dealing with ordinary reality issues of career, relationship, emotional healing and more.  Many people can be successful in the process of Shamanic journey and can continue this spiritual work privately through direct revelation with spirit.  Community can then be established through group work such as drumming circles or special celebrations.

Shamanic Healing Session

A typical session may include drumming, journeying to spiritual realms where spirits dwell, retrieving soul parts, restoring power, performing extraction and retrieving information (undertaken by Practitioner.)  A Shamanic healing session is one and a half to two hours.  An audio tape may be included.  Private session.  Cost $80-100 sliding scale.

Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling is a spiritually oriented counseling system based on shamanic methods and principles.  Counseling sessions may include shamanic healing (undertaken by Practitioner) which may include soul retrieval or power restoration.  The client is also instructed in the shamanic journey process.  The concepts include the shamanic journey (undertaken by client) to the upper and lower worlds to discover one’s own power animals and spiritual teachers.  Shamanic counseling enables one to find guidance, and to discover one’s ability to find practical spiritual wisdom and answers to important personal questions.

Shamanic counseling can create a sense of wholeness and establishes a base of spiritual practice that can be utilized privately and independently.  Increasing awareness of your interconnectedness to all things restores a sense of unity with, and support by, the universe.  Inner joy and personal strength expand along with an increased ability to know your own truth and express it creatively in your life.

Shamanic Counseling Session

A commitment of at least four weekly sessions are initially arranged.  This gives an opportunity to get a feel for the concepts and process.  After this time you will have a better understanding of this process and if this work is for you.  Suggested readings and personal practice guidelines will be discussed.  Each person progresses individually in the relationship to the journey process, therefore one cannot and should no judges one’s self according to another individual’s experience.

The goal of this work is to progress along one’s spiritual path at you own pace.  The path is the goal.  Embracing Spirit’s teachings, guidance and support becomes like a river running through the self: refreshing, clear and thirst-quenching.

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Sometimes a client comes to Healing Harmonics for a shamanic healing process called soul retrieval.  During the session I, as shaman, enter an altered state of consciousness to attain information not ordinarily accessible.  l then look for any soul fragments that perhaps have separated (disassociated) during some time of trauma in the clients life.  From a shamanic perspective during trauma, a part of our soul may separate.  The process may help the person at the time to survive but after a period of years too much fragmentation creates a loss of wholeness.  Also I might see a repeated pattern of traumas and soul loss related to this original episode.

By reaching out to this lost child and by bringing healing, the child can be returned to the spirit of the client.  The client is then advised to continue to welcome this child into extended arms of love, honoring the gifts the child brings.  The client may then work within the process of traditional counseling or continue in the framework of shamanic counseling if the client prefers, to enhance and deepen the healing process.  It is helpful if the client’s counselor has an understanding or at least respect for this method of healing.  Spiritual healing and psychological counseling can be very separate systems but I believe both systems can help heal the void left in our modern, fast-paced culture.