Holistic Health Treatments


Aromatherapy is the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well being.

Essential oils can only be produced in nature.  It is important to use genuine Essential Oils for the most therapeutic effect.  Essential Oils are individually combined (synergy) to best meet the needs of each individual client.

Effective Aromatherapy clinically blends specific Essential Oils and dilutes them in carefully chosen carrier oils which increase the therapeutic effects and detoxification.

Healing Harmonics uses only high quality carrier oils including: herbal infused sesame oil; organic castor oil; almond oil; coconut oil.

Essential Oils can be inhaled, used with a compress, in a foot soak, and through massage.  Some Essential Oil properties are, but not limited to, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic, expectorant, sedating; & immune stimulating.

Aromatherapy sessions are individualized treatments in a combination of Essential Oils diluted in therapeutic carrier oils, applied topically or through inhalation.



Colleen studied Aromatherapy at the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy, recognized by the American Holistic Nurses Association.  As a nurse, she specialized in stress and pain management.



Ayurveda Medicine

Ayurveda medicine originated in India more than 5,000 years ago.  Drawn from an understanding of nature’s rhythms and laws it is built around the 5 elements of ether (space), air, fire, water and earth.


Ayurveda medicine emphasizes and includes diet, Essential Oils, massage, music, spices, herbs, yoga and meditation.


HH uses only traditionally prepared Ayurvedic oils with powerful reinvigorating and rejuvenating properties.


Vishesh – massage with medicated oils encourages lymphatic flow and opens channels.


Shiro-Abhyanga-Nasya – a head, neck, face treatment designed to stimulate and aid in removal of toxins and restore balance.  Stimulates lymph and drains sinuses.


Shirodara – a deeply relaxing treatment using warm herbalized oil poured in a gentle stream over the forehead.  It synchronizes brain waves and calms the mind, body and spirit. It enhances circulation to the brain, improves memory and nourishes the hair and scalp.

Castor Oil Packs – Proper digestive assimilation is essential to good health.  Castor oil is an anti-toxin  impacts lymphatic and immune function improving assimilation in the GI tract, aids liver, pancreas and gallbladder function.  Castor oil packs can be integrated into individualized sessions.  Scientific evidence supports castor oil therapeutic benefits.

Colleen studied Ayruvedic treatment methods at Kripalu Center (Kripalu.org) and is a licensed massage therapist since 1994.